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Rachel Zoe: More Than Fashion

For over a decade now, the 37 year old stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, has built her reputation on being the best, most fashionable and chic, and go to figure in fashion. That was her brand, but now she is ready to go beyond just being the woman that puts the clothes on the brand, but a full blown brand. Equipped with jewelry, candles, bedding, books, you name it:


“That’s the goal. A couple of years ago I thought to myself that I wanted to build a whole lifestyle brand and really educate people that anyone can have style. You don’t need a lot of money,” Zoe says. “I want to be really particular about what I put out, what message, so I don’t intimidate people. I love the challenge.”

Working with stars like Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway and Joy Bryant was not in vain. This fashion guru knows her stuff! So with a brand underway, who wouldn’t invest? But don’t get intimidated by her Cartier rings, and Birkin bags, you won’t have to give your whole life savings to get in on the lifestyle. She says of her recent effort, a reasonably priced jewelry line that will be sold on QVC:

“Everything just about is under $100,” she says. “It’s big, chunky necklaces, big rings. A lot of glamour for not a lot of money. “

But don’t think she’ll let go of her first true love, she will always be a saviour to her clients and connoisseur of style:

“I want to give people a lifestyle. I don’t want to (just) give them great jewelry or a great vest,” Zoe says. “Candles, bedding, pillows, books, whatever it is. I want to do everything. But I won’t let go of styling, either.” And if her clients call upon her “I’d be there in an hour, no matter what,” Zoe says. “I said two years ago I wouldn’t be a stylist anymore, and I actually increased it. I have a huge emotional attachment to what I do. It’s what made me what I am.”


Lookout: Amaya Swimwear

There are plenty of new brands that pop up everyday, and while some blow up over night & fade seasons later, others work their way up & stay. Our next ‘Lookout’ spotlight is on the exotic swimwear line- Amaya Swimwear:



Amaya Swimwear was founded by Lila Nikole Rivera in 2005 to produce an excitingly stylish, exotic, alluring and intriguing wearable swimwear line for women that love to glam up their beach wardrobe with trendy and sexy swimwear. Each piece in the Amaya Swimwear collection is designed by Lila herself, using an exquisite combination of the finest quality materials, all hand made and embellished with natural jeweled pieces, wood chunks, rare stones and gems. The unique swimsuits are also designed specifically with wear and durability in mind. Each garment is hand made and not factory-processed.

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Lookout: Madison Kelly Hudson Bag

New York City based handbag designer, Kelly Horton, is taking the fashion world by storm with her new collection of bags. In Spring 2006, the line was launched and drew immediate interest from fashion insiders and shopaholics alike. The handbags stood out with their creative design structure, various textures and vibrant colors. The designs are edgy originals with functional simplicity of a great handbag. Here is The Fashion Mogul’s new favorite bag, the Hudson:


With an asking price of $495, it’ll make any savvy shopper think twice, but before you say no just know it’s worth the splurge. Made of Italian pebbled lamb with bruised gold accents, this bag is fully lined with both inner and outer pockets, magnetic closures and a brushed gold chain strap. You can purchase it here. Now you know if  The Fashion Mogul is endorsing it, it’s the best!