The September Issue: Anna Wintour & The Making of Vogue

The largely anticipated documentary ‘The September Issue’, takes us behind the workings of  “the fashion bibles” most important issue with the most powerful figure in fashion, the Editor-In-Cheif, Anna Wintour:

The September 2007 Vogue issue was and remains the biggest ever, weighing over 4 pounds and reaching an audience of 13 million people, and impacted the $300 billion global fashion industry more than any other publication. Directed by acclaimed film maker R.J. Cutler, ‘The September Issue’ brings us unprecedented access to the most respected publication in fashion, with the most feared women in fashion. It shows us how, in an ever changing industry, where only now matters and either you’re IN or you’re OUT, how they stay on top- always.

It opens in New York on August 28th, and September 11th in Los Angeles and select cities. You can check out more on the official ‘The September Issue’ site.


1 Response to “The September Issue: Anna Wintour & The Making of Vogue”

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