Brian Litchenberg is a girl’s bestfriend

The new Hollywood reality show should be “For the love of  Brian Litchenberg“, his designs that is.  Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Cassie, Ciara and Paris Hilton to name few can’t get enough of the designer.  Even Zac Effron dropped a few bucks on a tee.  I’m on the Singer22.com site now, in the infamous words of Wilma & Betty charrrrrrge it!


Sent from heaven

CC Skye has made it possible to get your wings before you go to heaven with their “MUST HAVE” Angel Wings neckalace.  A definite favorite of pop star Rihanna and The Fashion Mogul it gives edge and style to complete just about any outfit.  Who says diamonds are a girls bestfriend?………………. Especially when you have CC Skye’s Angel Wings! 


The Bag to grab is Lena Erziak

A handbag is a fashionista’s true companion and the Lena Erziak Summer 2010 Collection has so many to choose from. What’s a girl to do?  The 2010 Collection is undeniably stylish and exceptionally made with high quality fabrics ranging from fine Italian leather to ostrich skin…………. It’s hard not to swipe your amex more than once (contain yourself ladies).  The Fashion Mogul just added the Paolo (a darling-drawstring pouch) to her accessory closet, but any choice from this collection is sure to give your friends PES (purse envy syndrome).






You Know You Want It

Spotted! Costume Designer turned Author Eric Daman.  That’s right fashionistas Gossip Girl Costume Designer Eric Daman is spilling secrets from the Upper East Side in his new book “You Know You Want It’.  This book is a complete guide on being fashionable without being scared of fashion with a foreward by none other than Leighton Meester aka Blair waldorff.  Available on Amazon.com December 15, just in time to stuff your Louboutins hanging from the fireplace.  Looks like you fashionistas better purchase your books and STUDY!


Fashion Mogul


AnnaLynne McCord & Her Madison Kelly ‘Diablo’ Bag

Us here at The Fashion Mogul have already expressed our obsession, yes obsession, with Madison Kelly bags! The unique architecture, creative design structure, and mass appeal makes every piece that comes out of this line a must have. It’s just good to see that we’re not the only ones that feel that way:


90210 star, AnnaLynne McCord, seems to love her Madison Kelly ‘Diablo’ bag! From press events, to casual strolls through Los Angeles, she never seems to leave home without it!

annalyne diablo1

annalynne diablo

Can you blame her? The bag comes in white, black, and green. You can purchase the NEW Madison Kelly ‘Diablo’ Hobo bag on the website for $495.


Rachel Zoe: More Than Fashion

For over a decade now, the 37 year old stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, has built her reputation on being the best, most fashionable and chic, and go to figure in fashion. That was her brand, but now she is ready to go beyond just being the woman that puts the clothes on the brand, but a full blown brand. Equipped with jewelry, candles, bedding, books, you name it:


“That’s the goal. A couple of years ago I thought to myself that I wanted to build a whole lifestyle brand and really educate people that anyone can have style. You don’t need a lot of money,” Zoe says. “I want to be really particular about what I put out, what message, so I don’t intimidate people. I love the challenge.”

Working with stars like Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway and Joy Bryant was not in vain. This fashion guru knows her stuff! So with a brand underway, who wouldn’t invest? But don’t get intimidated by her Cartier rings, and Birkin bags, you won’t have to give your whole life savings to get in on the lifestyle. She says of her recent effort, a reasonably priced jewelry line that will be sold on QVC:

“Everything just about is under $100,” she says. “It’s big, chunky necklaces, big rings. A lot of glamour for not a lot of money. “

But don’t think she’ll let go of her first true love, she will always be a saviour to her clients and connoisseur of style:

“I want to give people a lifestyle. I don’t want to (just) give them great jewelry or a great vest,” Zoe says. “Candles, bedding, pillows, books, whatever it is. I want to do everything. But I won’t let go of styling, either.” And if her clients call upon her “I’d be there in an hour, no matter what,” Zoe says. “I said two years ago I wouldn’t be a stylist anymore, and I actually increased it. I have a huge emotional attachment to what I do. It’s what made me what I am.”


Nolcha Fashion Week: Accessory Lounge

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